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The implementation of this strategy will be owned by the sector and driven by Water Safety New Zealand, who will play a lead role in ensuring its goals are monitored and measured. Sector participants include organisations across prevention, education, rescue, academia, regulation and recreation. We thank all contributors and interested parties for the input. Our problem is not one-dimensional, it is complex by nature. By working together, we will be more efficient and have more impact in achieving our desired outcomes.

We need to ensure there are changes to Aotearoa New Zealand’s water safety culture in the face of entrenched behaviours and attitudes. We live in an ever-changing world, with the global events of 2020 certainly a reflection of that. We will need to be agile and adapt as we face future challenges.

Now is the time to reset and generate the momentum needed to advance our mission substantively, by working together so that more lives can be saved. We need the support of all our stakeholders, ongoing dialogue and deliberate action – non-profit organisations, business, government (both central and local), policy makers, parents and concerned community members can all act to help improve water safety and prevent drowning in Aotearoa New Zealand.

11 March 2021



Water Safety New Zealand would like to acknowledge the Cross Sector Reference Group, the Māori advisory group, our monitoring agencies Sport NZ and ACC, and the wider water safety sector partners for providing content and helpful consultation feedback during the development of this strategy.
















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